My philosophy with postpartum weight loss is that I don’t believe that you should be stressing out the body more than it needs to. I think that you need to focus on repair and restore before you go and stress out the body more. Because exercise is essentially a ‘stressor’ on the body, so if you go back to doing what you were doing pre-pregnancy without doing the restore work, then you are setting up your body to increase those stressors.

Especially if:

  • You’re not sleeping much
  • You’re not eating much (or properly)
  • You’re breastfeeding
  • There’s all these different hormones going through your body

So basically all of us!

And then if you go in there and just thrash yourself in the gym, it’s not going to do your body any favours.

I have had countless women come to me that haven’t lost any weight and they are feeling quite frustrated by it because they day “I’m exercising and I’m doing this, but it’s just not working”

I think you really need to take a step back and realised what your body has done and that it needs to recover and that it needs to repair, it needs to balance out the hormones again (it’s not going to happen overnight).

You really need to be working from the ground up, it’s almost as if you’ve never exercised before in your life, you really need to treat it like that.

Starting with really simple and effective exercises that work your muscles ‘deeply’:

  • Deep core muscles e.g. heel taps
  • Glute activation e.g. glute bridge
  • Shoulders back e.g. towel row (because we all hunch a lot – pregnancy and newborns does that to you!)

Those are the sort of exercises you need to be doing before you go and amp it up and ‘thrash’ your body again.

Otherwise you are just setting up your body for exhaustion and your body is just going to hold onto that weight.


Which is why it can be really tricky to lose weight during the postpartum period because it can be difficult to get the balance right.

So start gentle and build up from there.

Start with a simple program of bodyweight exercises like squat, lunges, knee push ups, walking and core/pelvic floor work and progress slowly as you get your strength and energy back.

My 12 week coaching program ‘The Fit Mama Project’ is designed specifically for postpartum mamas to take your through this restore phase and beyond.

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