Sometimes we need to regress an exercise because:
– you are pregnant
– you recently gave birth
– you are healing diastasis recti
– you are suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction
– you haven’t exercised in a while so your fitness levels are low

Please do NOT be discouraged to start an exercise program if you are any of the above.

We all start somewhere and having babies can really make you feel like you are back to square one.

I can still remember after I had Oscar that I had never felt so weak in my life and thought there was no way I would ever get back to the fitness level that I was before I was pregnant.

Please stay persistent and remember that it is a process.

By starting with regression exercises you can build back up your fitness and progress as you feel stronger.

For example with an advanced exercise like a burpee, you can break it down to build back up your fitness, as demonstrated in the video below:

In the Fit Mama Project all the workouts have progressions and regressions that you can follow so you are able to do all the workouts!

Have you joined us yet? 😀

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