Probably the most common question I get from my postnatal mamas is when can I get back into exercise? Closely followed with what exercises should I be doing?

When I first became a mama I was dying to get back into it and to be doing the right exercises to help get my waistline back!

It can be a very confusing time and sometimes when you are so exhausted the last thing you feel like doing is exercising.

Here are 3 simple exercises that you can do daily and know that you are doing the right exercises and not putting too much pressure on yourself.

At this postnatal stage you want to be thinking about recovery.

  • Your core needs to be repaired because it has been stretched out for 9 months. 
  • Your pelvic floor needs to be repaired because of the pressure that has been put on it for 9 months as well as childbirth (as yes if you has a c-section this applies to you as well)
  • Your posture needs to be addressed because you have just spend the last 9 months with your centre of gravity being pulled forward.  Plus now that you have the little one in your arms you are doing a lot of rounding in the shoulders (feeding, carrying, cuddling)

Here are 3 exercises to help with these issues.

Please ALWAYS get doctor consent before commencing exercise, however these are very low impact exercises that can be done from home.

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