Do you find yourself avoiding certain things because you are worried about leakage?

I suffered postpartum after my first child & I avoided running and jumping for a long time and lived in denial that this is what happens to you after you have a baby.

Lots of women suffer from urinary incontinence during pregnancy and postpartum and there are exercises that you can do to help repair this, but it also doesn’t mean you have to miss out on exercising.

Here is a low impact workout you can do to build your booty.

Don’t let the low impact fool you, this workout BURNS 🔥

If your pelvic floor is weakened from pregnancy it doesn’t mean you need to miss out on doing exercise.

These types of exercises will help strengthen the muscles around this area as well.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, please don’t suffer in silence. Talk to a fitness or health professional that you trust.


✔️Glute Bridge 15
⭐️ Pregnancy and postpartum safe. Use a pillow or bench to elevate your body onto an incline after 16 weeks or if you feel light headed

✔️Side lying leg lifts (20 each side)
⭐️ Pregnancy and postpartum safe

✔️Clams (20 each side)
⭐️ Pregnancy and postpartum safe

👉🏻 Perform moves slow and controlled and feel the muscle working

This is a 5 min workout if you perform one round and if that’s all you can manage today, this is great!!

Repeat to 3 times – time and energy permitting ❤️

PS – if you are looking for a postpartum fitness program that you can do from home then check out my program ‘The Fit Mama Project’


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