I often get asked how I make working out with a toddler work. I’m not going to lie it’s HARD and some days are worse than others 😆⠀

Here’s a few strategies that I use:⠀
-Try to workout before he is up⠀
– Workout while he is eating breakfast/watching a show (I find he is a bit more calm in the morning)⠀
– Workout after we’ve gone to the park and he’s worn out (or even at the park)⠀
– During his afternoon nap⠀
– Create a workout that involves him ⠀

If your baby is younger:

  • Pop them in the bouncer or on a play mat next to you while you workout
  • They also tend to nap more e when younger so if you can sneak it in while they are sleeping then great! (Unless you need it to! 😴)⠀

Exercising will give you more energy  so try to push through even if you just do 5-10 minutes it’s better than nothing. ⭐️⠀⠀

This is a clip of my workout this morning while Oscar watched Thomas. All exercises require no equipment to allow you to do this workout anywhere, anytime! 👊🏻⠀

Pick 3-5 exercises and do 30 seconds of each (each side if a single sided exercise) and repeat 3-5 times. ⠀

Keep changing up the combination to have lots of different workouts  🙂⠀

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