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Do you spend hours scrolling through Social Media looking at the other Mamas who seem to have endless time, motivation and energy to workout?

Do you sometimes think everyone must be judging you for not ‘bouncing back quicker’?  

Do you miss out on doing fun things with your family because you are self-conscious about your body?  

You’ve downloaded every ‘free workout plan’ and ’28 day transformation’ on the internet, joined the gym and bought all the fitness books… and you get super excited that you are going to be a fit mama!  

But soon you realised that you lack the motivation to stick to a program… and that family life gets in the way of getting to the gym… and that its near impossible to read a book (what was I thinking?!)  

So you start to feel guilty for wasting money on something solely for you, that you don’t even use!  

But you’re also sick of feeling tired and moody ALL THE TIME...  

…you realise you really need some help if you are going to stick to a program and get results… … you need something simple to follow, that actually works… … and someone to keep you accountable…  

Feel like I’m inside your head?  

I get it… because I was there too… I know that being a mum is a tough gig… 

I remember I had a really hard time getting back to the gym to exercise, get into a routine and to eat well (and I’m a fitness professional, this should have been easy for me!!!)  

I remember everything TRIGGERED me – even my husband simply asking ‘what did you get up to today?’ sent me into defensive mode. 

Anyone that said another mother ‘looks amazing’ made me feel so awful about myself

Any event I had to go to sent me into a spiral trying to find something to wear and I even put off putting my son into swimming lessons because I was too embarrassed to get in the water…  


I can remember both days in these photos perfectly...

The day at the beach, I felt SO uncomfortable wearing a bikini but I had nothing else to wear and I really didn't want to miss Oscar's first beach day.

I felt like everyone was staring at me and then looking at this photo later that night I just wanted to cry... there's nothing more confronting then seeing a photo of a body you do not recognise...

The photo on the right, I can remember this day so clearly as well! This is my favourite jumper and it has NO stretch. This was the first day I had managed to zip it up! OH what a feeling!!

I managed to get myself back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, as well as get back my motivation, confidence and routine.  

I have learned that it’s not about being a member of gym or scrolling through the internet trying to remember everything little fitness and weight loss tip but more about finding YOUR motivation, following a proven plan and having someone to encourage you and keep you accountable and consistent along the way (especially someone who has been in your exact shoes)…

Introducing the Fit Mama Project...

A mums only online fitness coaching program that's helping mamas just like you to feel fit, confident and strong!

Here’s what’s inside:

Personalised Workout Plan

Quick and effective workouts to get you moving and get on with your day (no workout is longer than 20 minutes).

All workouts delivered in our app with a press play ability so you can just follow along and get your workout done when the time is right (no sifting through papers or books).  

I know that your time is precious and want to make fitting a workout into your day as easy as possible!

Workouts will be prescribed based on your current fitness level, goals and stage.

Goal setting

‘Core reason’ training to help you to find your personal internal motivation and keep you motivated on those harder days and kick your goals.

PLUS a bonus 1-1 welcome coaching session with me to help you to set this properly and get you on track to reaching your goals.

Weekly Check Ins & Accountability 

Accountability and support is imperative to help you reach your fitness goals so a weekly check in will keep your on track!

This isn't just a program you download and are on your way. I will coach you through the entire process and be here to answer your questions.

Healthy Recipes & Sample Eating Plan

You will sample recipes and meal ideas for the whole family to help save you time and energy having to think of what to cook!


There can be a lot going on in your head that can get in the way of your progress.  

There will be small mindset lessons to help you to break through these barriers and learn to put your needs first.

Nutritional Coaching

Learning how and what to eat properly is the key to success with nutrition. 

Our system breaks down nutrition and makes it simple and easy to follow so that you can have the confidence that you are eating the best way to achieve your goals!



Sarah is a busy mum of 2 gorgeous boys. 

Before becoming a mum she was quite active and really struggled to get back into fitness in mum life. 

Her husband works long hours and they didn’t have the budget for childcare. 

She was really resisting to start an exercise program because she didn’t know if she would find the time or the motivation to actually do the workouts. 

She finally got fed up with feeling ‘frumpy’ (her word, not mine!) and longed for the days when she could throw on anything and feel comfortable. 

So she took the plunge and joined and here’s what she has to say:  

“After working with Laura I feel like myself again. I was so down in the dumps and hated looking in the mirror when I was a new mum but after joining the fit mama project I have become comfortable in my own skin again and even have the confidence to wear shorts again!”  


Kelly is a busy mother who works part-time. 

She didn’t have the time to go to the gym because she was either at home with her kids or had to rush to and from work to pick them up from day care. Kelly was looking for a program that she could do from home and fit around her busy schedule. 

She was hesitant to join because she didn’t believe that it would only take 15 minutes a day and she knew she didn’t have much more than that! 

Kelly was able to do her workouts and got into a great routine. 

Here’s what Kelly has to say:  

“Being a mum is hard enough – this program will take the guess work out of losing the weight and getting more active, it is a no brainer”  


Bec is a young mum of 1. 

She struggled with body confidence and getting active again post-pregnancy. 

She said to me when she first started that she didn’t even feel like herself and that she wanted to be active but didn’t know where to start or what was safe to do. 

She was also hesitant to join because she had no gym experience and had no equipment at home. 

I told her she didn’t need either of those and the program would tell her everything she needed to know in a simple form. 

Here’s what Bec has to say:  

“I can’t thank you enough!! I’ve just stepped on the scales and I have reached my goal weight – I have never been this light, not even before pregnancy! Thank you so much.”  


Join today and receive a bonus 1-1 coaching session with me! (valued at $297)

Take a sneak peak inside The Fit Mama Project

Who am I?

My name is Laura, I’m a women’s fitness coach specialising in helping mums. 

I am a certified personal trainer as well as a pre & post natal specialist with over 5 years experience.

I coach other mums to help them build their confidence and learn to exercise safely from home, in their own time, with little ones – so they too can get back to loving themselves and their bodies. 

I am a real mum and I've been through it all... so my approach to fitness and nutrition is realistic and doable.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this work?

It's simple. Once you sign up, you'll be given access to our app and directed to fill in some forms for me so I can create your program. You will use your app to access your program and everything you need.

I’ve just had a baby can I join?

Yes, absolutely. I have trained Mamas at all levels including Postpartum, Diastasis Recti and Pelvic floor issues. Be sure to be as detailed as possible in your sign up forms to let me know any issues you may be experiencing. You will need to have had clearance from your doctor to exercise which is generally between 6-12 weeks PP depending on your birth.

I have joined a lot of programs in the past and not stuck to them, I don’t know if I trust myself….

This is a real one, us mums struggle a lot with time and putting everyone else first. But I will teach you how to put yourself first and I will be with your every step of the way. This is not an online program that comes automated and I have no idea who you are. I am just as much invested in your health as you are and I will keep you accountable.

How much time do I need to commit to this program?

Depending on your current situation, I recommend you complete 3-4 workouts per week, no workout will be longer than 20 minutes.

You will also need to fill in your food diary and check in with me via the in app messaging (I will send you reminders, don't worry, you have enough to remember!)

Is this a lock in contract?

No. You subscribe on a weekly or monthly basis, there are no contracts, you can cancel anytime! You can also put your membership on hold for up to 4 weeks a year if you are sick or on holidays!

I don’t have the money to spend on this, but I would love to join

The way I see it. It’s a the same cost as buying a coffee everyday. If you are really strapped then please don’t join, I do not want to put you in financial strain. But have a look at your spending and see if you could cut back on something else, a bottle of wine, a takeaway dinner, etc.


Get started today, Mama

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Weekly Subscription


$27 per week

  •  Personalised Workout plan
  •  Exclusive App access
  •  Goal setting
  •  Weekly Check In - via app
  •  Eating Guide and Nutrition Plan
  •  Introduction 1-1 Coaching Phone Call
  • BONUS Welcome Pack including 2 bands for your home workouts!

Monthly Subscription


$99 per month

  •  Personalised Workout plan
  •  Exclusive App access
  •  Goal setting
  •  Weekly Check In - via app
  •  Eating Guide and Nutrition Plan
  •  Introduction 1-1 Coaching Phone Call
  • BONUS Welcome Pack including 2 bands for your home workouts!

Extra Support


$197 per month

  •  Personalised Workout plan
  •  Exclusive App access
  •  Goal setting
  •  Weekly Check In - via app
  •  Eating Guide and Nutrition Plan
  •  Introduction Coaching Phone Call
  • BONUS Welcome Pack including 2 bands for your home workouts!
  •  Bonus 1-1 Monthly Coaching Call to help fast track your results
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