Hi! My name is Laura and I’m a mum just like you.

When you first become a mum life is so overwhelming! You’re adapting to a completely new world, you’re exhausted, your hormones are going crazy and everyone keeps asking how the baby is… is she a good sleeper? Is she feeding well?

But what I want to know is, how are you? Are you sleeping? Are you eating well? Are you looking after yourself? Are you feeling good?

I absolutely understand the struggles. I know that getting out of your pajamas is an achievement. I know that showering is an achievement. And I know how amazing that block of chocolate tastes when you haven’t had time to eat all day. I know how you live for caffeine and that is the only thing that keeps you alive at the moment.

BUT how does it make you feel afterwards? Do  you crash and burn an hour later and you still have baby’s bedtime routine to get through? Do you struggle through the day and then when you get into bed at night you are wide awake? Do you feel sluggish and like a shell of your former self?

How does it make you feel after a few consecutive days of this? Or weeks?

And then suddenly your baby is 3 months old and you still feel 6 months pregnant! It’s not your fault – it’s a hard time and you just do what you need to do to survive and keep that baby happy.

Then at those late night feeds you’re scrolling through Instagram with all these “3 months in, 3 months out” posts of women with 6 packs and you start to feel even worse about yourself. Your self-esteem plummets and you don’t want to go outside or do anything because you’re worried that everyone’s going to judge you.

I was there too and I started to think that maybe this is just what I was going to look like and feel like now.

This was me at about 4 months postpartum. I felt so uncomfortable that day in a bikini and I really didn’t want a photo of us as a family because I didn’t want to record me looking like this. I was 10 kilos heavier than I had EVER been and I thought everyone would be thinking how lazy I was.

But after this day I decided that I was going to turn it around. I didn’t want to feel like this anymore and I was going to do something about it.

I decided that I was going to walk everyday at 8 am – no matter what! This would get me out of the house, not make me feel so trapped and get some fresh air. Then I started doing a quick strength workouts when I got back from my walk.

It was so amazing – the more I did it, then the better I felt and then I wanted to eat healthier, I would fall asleep when I got into bed at night and I finally was fitting back into my old clothes!

I documented this whole journey just for you so that I could guide you through step by step how to ease your way back into exercising and so that you can feel good again too.

I called this program The Fit Mama Project – because its not an overnight fix, it is a project. It is for mums who would like to feel great again but don’t have time to go to the gym or do long workouts.

It is a 12 week program that will take you from feeling flat, uncomfortable and tired to fit, toned and energetic!

This program is broken down into bite-sized pieces so that you aren’t overwhelmed, it is designed with the assumption that you will have a baby sitting right next to you. It is delivered in the convenience of an app so you don’t have to wade through lots of papers or emails. And best of all you have me to support and guide you through your journey  – having someone to support you that completely understands where your heads at is crucial to your success! I will give you a little nudge when needed and be a shoulder to lean on those harder days.

I want you to be happy so that you can be an energetic, healthy and patient mama to that beautiful little one!

Start today only $99 for the full 12 week program!

About the program

Your entire program is delivered via an app on your phone. On here you can:

  • View your schedule and receive reminders
  • View your workouts, as well as explanation and demonstration videos
  • Send and receive instant messages
  • Receive your coaching for nutrition and other lifestyle items
  • Enter your food diary
  • Take your progress photos and enter other results


“After working with Laura I feel like myself again. I was so down in the dumps and hated looking in the mirror when I was a new mum but after joining the fit mama project I have become comfortable in my own skin again and even have the confidence to wear shorts again!”

“I can’t thank you enough!! I’ve just stepped on the scales and I have reached my goal weight – I have never been this light, not even before pregnancy! Thank you so much.”

“Being a mum is hard enough – this program will take the guess work out of losing the weight, it is a no brainer”