We’re heading very quickly to the Christmas Season (scary!!!) and I know you have been working hard all year! So today I wanted to come to you with some tips on how NOT to undo all that hard work:

1 – Plan an active activity each day

Now this doesn’t necessarily have to be a workout, make it fun! For example, the Christmas movie workout I posted the other day, play a game, go for a big walk. This way you know you are getting in some exercise over this period

2 – Have small meals throughout the day

Don’t let yourself super hungry, as this can lead to overeating and binging! Instead, try to snack throughout the day and don’t sit down to that massive Christmas lunch starving so you will be less likely to overeat!

3 – Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water throughout the day and in between meals (and champagnes!). Dehydration can lead to lethargy making you feel super tired and then overeating.

When you are hydrated your body can often mistake this for hungry when you are actually thirsty, so keep sipping away!

4 – Loosen the reins slightly

Christmas is a time for family and enjoying a meal together and if you are sitting at the table being super restrictive, you aren’t going to enjoy it! This is not what Christmas is about in my opinion – this is why you work hard so that you can enjoy the special occasions – so don’t deprive yourself! Allow yourself to have a little bit of dessert or some more potatoes that you would usually eat. By allowing yourself to indulge a little bit you are less likely to feel limited and enjoy this period a lot more.

Enjoy the meal & eat when you are satisfied.

5 – Eat slowly 

Start with a small plate and eat it slowly and enjoy it. If you’re family is anything like mine I’m sure there is a MOUNTAIN of food so you aren’t going to miss you.

When you eat slowly you are less likely to overeat and get super full.

6 – Don’t cook hungry 

I’m super guilty of this and I tend to eat everything I am cooking! I often rush around in the morning and when I am cooking because I am so hungry I eat everything as I am cooking and I end up super full and feeling really sick because I have overeaten.

Instead, make sure that you have a small snack and a big glass of water before you get into cooking to avoid this!

I hope that helps you and arms you with a few tactics to not completely destroy your health and fitness goals during the holidays.

Enjoy the Christmas season with your family!

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