Welcome to the Fit Mama Lifestyle

I help mamas to get fit & feel great – the simple way.

Hi! I’m Laura.

I have been in the health and fitness industry for many years and and after becoming a mum myself, came the passion to help other mums go from drab to fab. 

I, myself struggled with self confidence and weight loss when I was a new mum and I put on MORE weight postpartum than I did during my pregnancy! I understand the demands of motherhood and how difficult it is to look after yourself.

I offer all the perks of having a personal trainer and a nutrition coach (as well as cheerleader, councellor and friend) without having to fit in appointments, childcare or leave your house!

My style of coaching is different to other online programs because I support you personally. Not everyone has the motivation to workout on their own or to follow a program. Most of us mums don’t have time to read a program or remember which day to do what!

Motherhood can be very isolating and having that person in your corner is much more powerful than a generalised program you can download from the internet which doesn’t take into account your personal needs at all.

With that in mind, I have created simple, yet proven exercise and nutrition programs & strategies to help all mums feeling amazing. I have worked with many women and helped them to achieve their goals and I would love to help you too!